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About MENNEKES: Quality power distribution products About MENNEKES: Quality Products

At MENNEKES, we understand the importance of quality power distribution products that are both user friendly and safe. MENNEKES has drawn on over 75 years of industry leading innovation to provide you with the highest quality product to meet your most demanding challenges in an ever-changing global marketplace.

Endurance Tested
When a MENNEKES product leaves our factory, it has already withstood the harshest testing. In our test lab it is exposed to cold, heat, dust and water over and over again. Only the products that withstand these tests are worthy of the name MENNEKES.

As a specialist for plug and receptacle devices, we have our own approved test lab where our products are tested again and again until we are convinced that they can permanently withstand the harshest environments. Our products are certified to national and international standards by renowned institutions. Our international quality management system is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Worldwide Standardization
MENNEKES is one of the world-leading manufacturers of IEC 60309 Pin and Sleeve Products. Offering a complete range of products with 20A to 100A ratings, all units feature impact and chemical resistant nonmetallic housings. Parts are color coded to clearly identify voltage configuration and units are compatible with other IEC 60309-2 brands.

Clock positions for North America

Clock Positions
* only for refridgerated containers

Making a connection is easy.
A clock face is used to represent the grounding contact position for all female connectors and receptacles. With the keyway at the bottom, the female grounding contact will appear at one of the twelve hour positions. To identify the system voltage, identify the housing color and hour location of the connector or receptacle grounding contact.

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