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Products: Switched & Interlocked Receptacles: Features & Benefits

MENNEKES Switched and Interlocked Receptacles provide safety and durability in one pre-wired unit. Patented interlock mechanism prohibits the switch from being turned “ON“ unless the plug is fully inserted. The plug cannot be removed unless the switch is turned “OFF.”

DIN rail and screw mounting of components facilitates maintenance.
Heavy duty HP Rated switch factory wired to receptacle. Oversized terminals help ease installation.
NEMA 4X Valox enclosure; impact modified and chemical resistant. Features poured-in-place gasketing and molded conduit drillpoints in top, bottom and rear wall.
MENNEKES Switched and Interlocked Receptacles
Generous wiring space allows for convenient access to field terminals.
High visibility, pad-lockable handle actuates switch and receptacle interlock mechanism to assure “no-load” make and break of plug connected equipment.
Thermoplastic receptacle available in 20A, 30A, 60A and 100A IEC 60309 configurations. Compatible with like rated plugs from other manufacturers.


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