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Products: Switched & Interlocked Receptacles: Fusible or Overcurrent Protected: MSR Series Fusible UL 1686 C1
(Compatible with Traditional Metal Plugs)

Generous wiring space facilitates
field installation.
Corner mounting tubes minimize mounting footprint.
Moveable mounting
feet also provided.

DIN rail and screw mounting of components allow
for ease of maintenance

Removable fuse holders allow for fuse replacement away from circuit. Risk of touching live parts is minimized versus traditional “knife style” switches.
  Impact modified NEMA 4X Valox enclosure resistant to harsh environments.
Features poured-in-place gasket for the ultimate seal.
  Hidden hinge system
eliminates sanitation

Heavy duty HP rated switch provides convenient access to field wiring terminals.
High visibility, pad- lockable handle actuates switch and receptacle interlock mechanism to assure “no-load” make and break of plug connected equipment.

Thermoset receptacle to
UL 1686 C1 configurations; UL Classified for combination use with competing brand plugs.

Threaded stainless
steel ring provides NEMA 4X rating with locking plugs.

Dust tight and watertight
rated cover; field replaceable.

Features and benefits
–  Factory Wired - Single Unit Construction - Receptacle is pre-wired to the switch for quick installation. Mount with moveable mounting feet to allow for irregular surfaces or utilize the internal mounting tubes when mounting area is limited.
–  Switch - Self-cleaning contacts are driven by solid bridge bar to prevent single phasing of motors. Quick-Make/Quick-Break action provides long electrical life. Positive opening operation protects personnel from welded contacts.
–  NEMA 4X;12 Enclosure - Uses poured-in seamless gasket and stainless fixing screws for the ultimate seal. Impact modified Valox enclosure is resistant to harsh environments. Hidden Hinge System eliminates sanitation concerns.
–  Padlockable Handle - Rugged high visibility design to comply with OSHA LO/TO requirements. (Reg. 1910.147).
–  Auxiliary Contacts - Full range available in N/O and N/C style.

Amp   Config-  
Voltage   Single
Three Phase
( Volts)
Mating Plug
Catalog No.
      120   240   208   240   480   600      
30A 4 Pole,
3 Wire
600 2 3 7.5 7.5 15 20
ME 3034NM
60A 4 Pole,
3 Wire
600 7.5 15 15 30 50
ME 6034NM


MENNEKES Fusable or Overcurrent MSR Series Fusible UL 1686 C1
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