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20, 30, 60, 100 Amp
NEMA 4X; 12

MENNEKES LockOUT-LET is a Pin and Sleeve Switched and Interlocked Receptacle that provides a disconnect switch and receptacle in one compact NEMA 4X; 12 enclosure. Offered in 20, 30, 60 and 100 Amp, units are compatible with IEC 60309-2 plug configurations. Patented interlock mechanism prohibits the switch from being turned “ON” unless the plug is fully inserted. The plug cannot be removed unless the switch is in the “OFF” position.

LockOUT-LET receptacles operate in harsh environments and facilitate operator safety when providing power to welders, pumps, break-out packaging equipment and other similar uses.

Ordering Information

AMP Configuration Voltage HP Rating Receptacle
Catalog Number
Mating Plug
Catalog Number
20 3 Pole, 4 Wire 125/250 1; 3
ME 420MI12
ME 420P12W
    3Ø250 7.5
ME 420MI9
ME 420P9W
    3Ø480 15
ME 420MI7
ME 420P7W
    3Ø600 15
ME 420MI5
ME 420P5W
30 2 Pole, 3 Wire 125 2
ME 330MI4
ME 330P4W
    250 5
ME 330MI6
ME 330P6W
    480 10
ME 330MI7
ME 330P7W
  3 Pole, 4 Wire 125/250 2; 5
ME 430MI12
ME 430P12W
    3Ø250 10
ME 430MI9
ME 430P9W
    3Ø480 20
ME 430MI7
ME 430P7W
    3Ø600 20
ME 430MI5
ME 430P5W
  4 Pole, 5 Wire 3ØY120/208 7.5
ME 530MI9
ME 530P9W
3ØY277/480 20
ME 530MI7
ME 530P7W
3ØY347/600 20
ME 530MI5
ME 530P5W
60 2 Pole, 3 Wire 250 10
ME 360MI6
ME 360P6W
480 20
ME 360MI7
ME 360P7W
3 Pole, 4 Wire 125/250 3; 10
ME 460MI12
ME 460P12W
3Ø250 20
ME 460MI9
ME 460P9W
3Ø480 40
ME 460MI7
ME 460P7W
3Ø600 50
ME 460MI5
ME 460P5W
4 Pole, 5 Wire 3ØY120/208 20
ME 560MI9
ME 560P9W
3ØY277/480 40
ME 560MI7
ME 560P7W
3ØY347/600 50
ME 560MI5
ME 560P5W

AMP Configuration Voltage HP Rating Catalog Number Plug Part Number
100 2 Pole, 3 Wire 1Ø125 5
ME 3100MI4
ME 3100P4W
1Ø250 15
ME 3100MI6
ME 3100P6W
1Ø480 30
ME 3100MI7
ME 3100P7W
  3 Pole, 4 Wire 1Ø 2P 125/250 5/15
ME 4100MI12
ME 4100P12W
3Ø250 25
ME 4100MI9
ME 4100P9W
3Ø480 50
ME 4100MI7
ME 4100P7W
3Ø600 50
ME 4100MI5
ME 4100P5W
4 Pole, 5 Wire 3ØY120/208 25
ME 5100MI9
ME 5100P9W
3ØY277/480 50
ME 5100MI7
ME 5100P7W
3ØY347/600 50
ME 5100MI5
ME 5100P5W

MENNEKES LockOUT-LET 20, 30, 60 Amp
20, 30, 60 Amp

100 Amp

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